CanDance Studios




Cumbia, Ragaetton & Latin Mix

Miguel Osorio and Group Son Corazón
John de Colombia
DJ El Che



Salsa and Bachata

DJ Alex Gee
DJ Rabio
DJ Kasanoba
DJ Sergio



Bachata dance show
Salsa dance Show
Afrodance show
Cocktail bar
Massage chair
Outside area




El Hombre Caimán

A highlight of the event, bringing you closer to the CUMBIA, will be the chance to meet El Hombre Caimán – the Caiman Man, the king of the party. Flirting, enjoying, drinking and dancing with everybody – and announcing our last round at 2:30.

What is Cumbia?

Cumbia is a musical rhythm born in the XIX century in Latin America out of the mix of African, Indian, and Spanish cultures. It began in Colombia, but since the 1960s it has started to spread throughout the whole continent – with each country creating their own fusions and versions. From Chile to México, there is cumbia. From classical Colombian songs to contemporary DJs all over the world, there is cumbia. It is a sensual sound with a beating heart of drums that can make anyone dance.

Practical information


CanDance Studio is located in 1014 AS Isolatorweg 28. Amsterdam (Noord Holland) NL.

In 2021 is hosting CUMBIA, the best Latin party in town.



Allowing visitors to the venue will be limited because of security reasons of the station. For this reason we very recommend to buy your ticket online before the event.

Prices for tickets are €15,00 or € 20,00 at the door.

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